Patterns of Chaos

Special Formatting

Have you noticed how these tutorial pages have text that looks different? Sometimes, it's bold, or in italics, or it looks like

computer text

These are things you can do with special formatting. To make these special text appearances, you just need to surround the text with the appropriate tag. These tags can go inside any other element - <p>, <td>, <th> - anything that contains text.

You can use these different text formats to emphasize certain things, or to draw attention to something. You can even combine them for extra emphasis.

The special formatting tags, and examples of how they look, are:

Tag Usage Example
b <b>bold text</b> bold text
blockquote <blockquote>This is a blockquote. Use it to emphasize a long quote</blockquote>
This is a blockquote. Use it to emphasize a long quote
code <code>This is computer code</code> This is computer code
i <i>italic text</i> italic text
mark <mark></mark> marked or highlighted text
q <q>A short quote</q> A short quote
s <s>strike-through text</s> strike-through text
sub <sub>sub-script</sub> - like H<sub>2</sub>O sub-script - like H2O
sup <sup>super-script</sup> - like πr<sup>2</sup> super-script - like πr2
u <u>underlined</u> underlined

Did you see that pi

character? You'll learn how to do special characters like that in the next lession;