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A New Direction

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Well, starting today, Patterns of Chaos is starting off in a totally new direction.

If anyone is still following this blog, after 2 years (where did the time go?) of complete inactivity, you’re going to see some big changes. I have decided to go back to the original original idea for this site, the one that gave rise to the name Patterns of Chaos: an organized collection of random thoughts.

I will continue writing about programming, particularly web programming, since that remains a topic of great interest to me. But in addition, and most likely more so (at least in the near-term), I will be writing about all sorts of other matters, from politics to religion to physics to global warming. And in the process, I will probably almost certainly piss you off. But hopefully, in the process, I will also get you thinking.

Hopefully, this time, I’ll actually remember to sit down and write! For now, I’m off to rework the site a bit.