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Where does the time go?

Sunday, December 28th, 2008


Looking at my site, I realize that I haven’t written anything at all for months. This, despite having plenty to write about - I have let myself get so caught up with other projects I have neglected what I’m trying to do here.

I know that part of it was due to making a big move - a few months ago, we (my wife and I) decided that it was finally time to make the move we had been talking about for some time, so we packed up and left California, and moved to Clayton, North Carolina.

Moving cross-country is rather time-consuming. It took a couple of trips to the area to look around and find a house, and the move itself took almost two weeks between loading the truck, driving, and unloading. Then after you get moved in, it takes a little while to get settled - which we didn’t really have. We got here about a week before Thanksgiving, and hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family (who all live in the area). Of course, Christmas was right on the heels of that, so we really haven’t had the chance to get settled properly.

Now it’s time to reorganize, and hopefully start spending some time on my site again. I still have all the mini-applications I was planning to write, I have promised a few people a simple CMS (Content Management System), and I keep running across things all over the web that are worthy of comment. It’s time to get back to work here.

See everyone in the new year, with some new content!